Children's Dental Center of New Hampshire

Their specialization in pediatric dentistry allows them to start building healthy smiles right from the beginning.  All this additional training and expertise is for naught if the child isn’t willing to sit in the chair and open wide. That’s why Children’s Dental Center of New Hampshire has a proven track record of making children feel comfortable. We designed our office in such a way that the youngest infant or oldest college student will feel relaxed; our reception area has an interactive play scape, X Box, 220-gallon saltwater aquarium, and flat-screen display. 

To further comfort your child, we promise to explain every procedure thoroughly; this method known as Tell-Show-Do, proves to allay many children’s fears. In fact, if a pediatric dental office is a new experience, you will be surprised at your child’s positive reaction in our office. Unlike other dentists, we welcome parents to stay with their children; we won’t separate you from your child.

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