Liquid Planet Waterpark

Welcome Liquid Planet Water Park Explorers! Come join us this year at New Hampshire’s newest and fastest growing family attraction. This year, not only will we have the amazing pools and water slides from last year (The Fountain of Youth, Trevor’s Time Warp, Haley’s Comet, The Splash Down) but we have added 4 brand new attractions that will keep you coming back for more. This year we are celebrating our most anticipated addition “The Cosmic Day Camp”. This week to week summer day camp is designed for children 6-14 filled with fun and adventure located deep in the heart of the water park. We’re recruiting Lil Dippers (6-10) and Big Dippers (10-14).  Also new this year are “Crater Springs”, our newly discovered sandy beach swimming area, “The Rock ‘N’ Splash”, the park is reopening Saturday nights 6pm-9pm for local bands and DJ’s for a nighttime pool party, and “Galactic Mini Golf”, 9 holes of mini golf to blast you through the 9 planets of our vast solar system. Come join us and see what all of New England will be talking about this year. Liquid Planet Water Park! Discover a world the whole family will enjoy.

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